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Race mixing will make the white man disappear

Barack Obama and the Racial Program for the Twentieth Century

There are different claims and/or opinions circulating in cyberspace these days on why Barack Obama should not be the President of the United States [US]. The wide range of claims and /or opinions include the rather controversial one that he is not a native US born citizen, or that he is not qualified to hold the position, and even that he is an "Uncle Tom" puppet among others in between. However, in all the available information on websites, magazines, newspapers and other sources, none [that I know of] have mentioned to enlighten audiences on the historical link between the so-called "civil rights" of the 1960s-1970s, and the "election" of Barack Obama as "President" of the US at critical and decisive times, when the real threat of a fascist state is a reality that too many brainwashed duped zombies still don't believe or preferably ignore for whatever reasons.

The hidden background

If you ask the average citizen -in particular the young- what they know about the "civil rights" of the 1960s-1970s, people will tell you that it was a movement to "liberate" blacks from oppression by whites and to gain social equality. This is common thinking when considering the length of time passed since the covert concept was first created in the US during the early 1900s, by Zionists posing as humanitarian "saviours" of blacks from brutal slavery, as part of an elite conspiracy linked to establish a one government for the whole world. The concept is deep-rooted in the writings of Israel Zangwill, a Zionist who wrote and published "The Melting Pot." His writings camouflaged the real conspiracy intend with a purported plan to convert the US, into a country wherein Jews and blacks [only] were mixed and shared as a vehicle to supposedly end racial prejudice, so rampant and entrenched in society then and now, as an important pillar of the capitalist social structure for the tension it creates among people, who are distracted by it from focusing on real important issues. Zangwill's writings did not include any other non-white ethnic group in the US, not even Native Americans or Mexicans who were also murdered and their land stolen, but it was this plan that laid down the basis for the artificial race relations between blacks and Jews in the US that deliberately excluded others also in oppressive social conditions. The deceptive and well disguised writings of Zangwill were enthusiastically embraced by Israel Cohen, also a Zionist, who almost immediately begun writing his own ideas and eventually published a book entitled "A racial program for the 20th Century" which he described as a "humanitarian follow up" of Zangwill's writings.

In a great coincidental irony, the National Association for the Advancement of Colour People [NAACP] which is a camouflaged hoax "civil rights" organization in the US appeared to carry out the directives laid out in the writings by Israel Cohen. The NAACP was and still is an elite front disguised as a "civil rights" organization originally created by Jacob Schiff, a super Zionist who used a hybrid mulatto whose name was Edward Burghardt Du Bois, as a figurehead to make believe that he was the actual founder. Moreover, every since its inception in 1909 the NAACP did not have black leaders until the mid 1970s when Benjamin Hooks was allowed to be the first black president, but with strings attached and controlled by Jews behind the scene, and in light of the farcical celebration of "freedom" brought to blacks by the "civil rights" loudly proclaimed in the Zionist-controlled US mass media starting in the summer of 1969. Also, it is opportune to tell you that most -if not all- decisions favourable to the "civil rights" sham, were made by courts and other system institutions or the mass media controlled by the elite, on behalf of whom the "civil rights" farce was created and established in fulfilment of their agenda. The "civil rights" was neither a grass roots initiative nor a "movement" either, but rather a plan elaborated by outsiders [Zionists] who saw an opportunity to exploit the wretched condition of blacks to advance their own plans. The men who conceived and created the so-called "civil rights" lie on behalf of the elite, were not concerned with the rights or well-being of no one, but knew that the dismal condition of blacks was an opportunity in their vulnerability, to gain a loyal subordinate who would contribute and help with their agenda for world domination, thus the well-known alliance between blacks and Jews in the US. The NAACP has a website located at which you can visit, but do not expect to find this factual historical information therein. They do not want you or anyone else to know these hidden facts. You will, however, find hints pointing out at the use of the capitalist elite-created ideology known as communism, which their agents used very effectively to convince blacks that the "solution" to the problems of injustice against them, was to be found in communism which the elite agents urged blacks to embrace. And they did. The blacks eagerly accepted what was offered to them, in line with the conspiratorial theories outlined by the Zionist writings of Israel Cohen in his book entitled "A racial program for the 20th Century." All contents of Israel Cohen's book were relevant to all intents and purposes, but some parts of his book were more prominent than others within the context of the true intentions clearly expressed in his writings. The portion of his book appearing below is highly noticeable in that it corresponds with the social reality we have witnessed for four decades, regarding the "integration" process of blacks into the elite-owned capitalist system. Israel Cohen's writings express his Zionist theory in the following way:

"We must realise that our most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the mind and consciousness of the Negro race that for many centuries whites have oppressed them, we can mould them to our program. The terms colonialism and imperialism must be included in our propaganda. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against whites, we will endeavour to instil in whites a guilty complex for enslaving Negros. We will raise the Negro to prominence in the world of sports, entertainment and professions; with the high prestige we will create for them, Negros will be able to intermarry with whites and thus begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

If you are old enough to have witnessed the "integration" process of US blacks into this bankers-owned system by using their controlled mass media -mainly television- and Hollywood movies throughout the 1970s, 1980s and even the 1990s, you are likely to link the contents of Israel Cohen's writings with mind conditioning and programming every since and up to present times. If you do you are correct as the written words of Israel Cohen clearly and without possible doubt coincide with the pathetic US social reality of the past forty years. To honour the truth and decency, it must be admitted that mass media brainwashing as a vital element to achieve the "integration" of blacks into this capitalist criminal system, contains Nazi traits in direct line with methods utilized by the government of Adolf Hitler in Germany. The key method consists of repeating the fundamental message ad nauseam even if presented in a variety of formats. The fascist were -and still are- true experts on mass-brainwashing and one effective method is repeating lies over-and-over every day, weeks, months, years and even generations, until the lies take on a life of their own and the dumb-down sheep of zombies believe them unthinkingly as "true." Joseph Goebbels, who was Minister of Propaganda in the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler, described the method that produced the best results and success:

"The rank and file is much more primitive than we imagine. The propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious. The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly, which must be confined itself to a few points and repeat them over-and-over to a mind weary satiation."

When reading Israel Cohen's writings you can see the link to the above quotation applicable to the US instance on the "integration" process of blacks starting in 1969 to the present by using the controlled mass media.

The 1960s was a social residue decade from the 1950s idiosyncrasies and values derived from the "American dream" concept that invoked individual economic prosperity, well being in "freedom" and abundance [though never explained at whose expense] but not necessarily for all, in a society wherein blacks, Native Americans, Mexicans, and others were racially segregated. In comparison with present day's society, the 1950s and 1960s generations were naïve if not goofy, thus easy to manipulate mentally through movies, television and even radio, which was a very important and popular communication medium during the 1950s and beyond. It was within this social context that a sophisticated mass media brainwashing of society begun to reach into the intimacy of the average home via television, with an unprecedented message urging people to become concerned with the "civil rights" of blacks and queers only. Mexicans and Native Americans were racially insulted and denigrated in television and movies, in parallel with the presentation of blacks in highly positive and advantageous ways. This has lasted for forty years every day and can be attributed as the root of racist attitudes towards those non-white ethnic nations. Those and other US racial groups were useless at that time to the elite's agenda for a "new world order" whereas queers and blacks, were very convenient according to their plans nowadays in advanced stages with the "election" of house negro Barack Obama as "president" of the US.

Sex and "integration"

One important element in the "integration" process of blacks into this bankers system was the encouragement of interracial sex between black men and white women. Starting in 1969, through subliminal yet blatant television messages even at "prime time" broadcasting hours, adult women and young girls were "told" to "get it on" [have sex] with blacks and that it would be "racist" if they didn't. This brainwashing tactic also connected with the writings of Israel Cohen when he wrote in part that "[…] Negros will be able to intermarry with whites and thus begin a process which will deliver America to our cause." By "our cause" he meant establishing the "new world order" the elite have been concocting for a long time while millions of dupes were unaware of their conspiracy. Women who understood the cunning being perpetrated against them through mass media brainwashing, resisted and denounce what they thought was an assault on their dignity and the degradation of their person by being used as sexual objects. Interracial sex and marriage was and still is fundamentally important for the elite agenda, to distract people with the "liberation" of blacks who were very pleased with this hoax they took advantage of and used as an opportunity for the betterment of their race, a fact they will deny and accuse anyone conveniently with the cliché of "racism."

The blacks are the only people on earth who have not created civilizations, but the elite-controlled mass media would not cover this and other related subjects as part of their plan to hide the truth, and protect those who have and continue to help them with their agenda. The entire US media and Hollywood is mostly owned and controlled by Zionist Jewish bankers, with a plan that includes the gradual vanishing of the white race, and blood mixing through interracial sex and marriage with blacks, is a stepping stone towards their ultimate diabolical goal. The ridiculous elitist sham the Zionist sold us as "integration" is their most effective tool to reach their final end. Never expect to watch and hear this information on "prime time" television or in movies. Blood mixing between blacks and whites is wrong, unnatural, disgusting, perverse and contrary to the will of God. It is unnatural because it was artificially imposed through sinister and subtle brainwashing methods derivative from fascism; it is a hoax designed to mongrel people for the sole purpose of controlling all of us for the benefit of a bunch of ideological psychopaths bend on a diabolical plan to impose their tyranny. The so-called "civil rights" sham was conceived, created and instigated on behest of Zionist Jewish bankers and interracial sex and marriage was and still is an integral part of their plan to dominate the world. Jews truly hate all peoples and race mixing is one effective way to accomplish their goal. In case you still have doubts on whether these statements are true or not, here is what super Jewish Zionist Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich said in January of 1952:

" […] The goal for which we have striven so concertedly is at last within our reach and because of its fulfilment is so apparent it behoves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that our race will take its rightful place in the world with every Jew as a king and every gentile as a slave. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. In the interest of our program and peace we are wiping out interracial relations and creating tensions; we will forbid whites to mate with whites; white women must cohabit only with black men and other dark races and white men with black women, thus the white race will disappear for this mixing truly means the end of the white man who is our most dangerous enemy who will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world made up of dark-skin peoples."

There are those who deny the truth of the above quotation but all you need to do is to look at the reality of present day society to understand that these are not empty words. Men like him are responsible for today's reality.

Martin Lucifer King

Just like at the beginning of this writing, if you ask the average citizen -in particular the young- what they know about "Martin Luther King" people will tell you that he was the greatest "civil rights" leader who fought and die for the "freedom" of blacks from oppression by whites. This can be expected when considering the amount of undeserved honours and an icon status of almost a saint he was given even above Jesus Christ.

Beginning with his name, he was a fraud in most -if not all- that you have been told about him in the elite-controlled mass media for the past forty years. To give you at this time the list of specific details on everything that makes him a fraud, would not be authentic and also repetitious of what others with better knowledge have already told the public. What I can tell you though is that in his treacherous and treasonable actions for which he is now falsely elevated to absurd levels, no where is there mention of his role in the Masonic and satanic elite's agenda for world domination. This is really what he is rewarded for and not because he fought for the equality of blacks in a racist society. If you wish to learn the many details related to this subject there is an abundance of information on the Internet. Here are two sources where you can start your search: and

Barack Obama

In the US, no one regardless of race or skin colour becomes president without the approval of the ruling elite, made up mostly of Zionists Jews controlling the entire government. Anyone wanting to understand the true reasons why Barack Obama is now "president" must start at that point as the base for learning the rest of the story. Barack Obama was not "elected" by anyone. Before millions of duped zombies voted for him in the charade called "elections," the decision to put him where he is now had been made long before the circus between two "rivals" had begun. What they sold the world as "campaign" was in reality a well-orchestrated mass media show designed to make dupes believe that he was the "saviour" when he offered "change." How stupid can so many people be..?

Different analysis are being published now on the subject by professionals with solid background and credentials, most of which coincide with similar or identical conclusions. To their opinions this writer adds the belief that Barack Obama is not only a puppet and an agent of Zionism, but also the product of a plan going back to the 1960s "civil rights" farce that included blood mixing as he is a mulatto.

The most outstanding Zionist theoreticians have stated throughout history with unequivocal clarity that a mixed race is easier to control and Barack Obama is a perfect example of that theory. He is a true puppet who will do as he is told by those who wield the real power and he is already showing it. He is the product of the Racial Program for the Twentieth Century conceived and created by hard core Zionists mentioned earlier in this writing.

The people of the US and in other countries under its control are heading towards an unprecedented disaster and the challenge is for all, and not only for blacks and whites. There probably won't be another presidential "election" in the US.

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