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Brainwashed zombies are part of the problem

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The zombie followers of Barack Obama and the hell that awaits the people

I want to make it clear that I have absolutely no interest in politics and do not care who the president is. Politics are not real and presidents do not run countries as too many still think. The United States (US) is run by the same occult cabal that runs the whole planet operating behind the scenes through shadow organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and others calling themselfs "non-governmental organizations." The political charade is a theatre with a scripted drama played out for zombie public consumption. The "president" of the US is in reality a mere administrator or manager who implements policies designed at sinister organizations on behalf of the elite. The "elections" is part of the play to make zombies believe they have "power" to decide who will "represent" them when in reality, who will become "president" is decided long before the "elections" actually begin according to the interest of the elite. Barack Obama is not an exception and the color of his skin has nothing to do with these facts. In the US, no one --white or black-- becomes "president" without the elite's approval.

It was figured out hundreds of years ago that only the people would stage violent revolutions when living under an oppressive government, so the elite gave them the "right to vote" thereby convincing them that they had a say in the matter, and that if the government was evil and corrupt it was their fault. The fact still is that there is not a single event in the history of the world where anything was ever changed by "voting." This writing is not exactly about Barack Obama; it is more about the idiotic mindset of his followers and how they are going to follow their "leader" through the path towards their own demise as a people of this betrayed country.

The black George Bush

I don't go out much but before the "election" I was at a night club in downtown Columbus, Ohio with friends and noticed a guy at the table wearing an Obama t-shirt and asked him if it was supposed to be a joke. He told me it wasn't. I then asked him what was his reasoning for supporting Barack Obama to which he responded by saying "we need a change" rather than forming his own response. I told him that Obama was publicly supporting the continuation of war in Iraq, and that he also supported the idea of attacking Iran, Syria and Pakistan. To this he said that Iran had nuclear weapons and asked me if I wanted to get nuked. Then I asked him if he was aware of the fact that the US had killed more than a third of the population in that country --including thousands of innocent children-- to which he answered by saying: "well, that was the third of terrorist that wanted to kill Americans." He got up and walked away. This was my first time in direct confrontation with a zombie. Poor idiots like this guy are exactly the same as those who follow and supported nazi George Bush; they don't really care about anything real other than romantic images downloaded directly into their brains by the elite-controlled mass media. If the reader would recall, when Bush was campaigning for office he was presented by the controlled mass media and the Christian propaganda machine, as a man ordained by Christ to rescue us from our collapsing morality and bring about the rapture. However, when the real truth emerged and we all learned that he was a war-mongering madman, that he was employing nazi-type of methods of social engineering and rapid government expansion in conjunction with corporate fascism, and turning this country into an Orwellian surveillance-type of police state, the zombies continued to support him in his diabolic hitlerian agenda against the people of this country. Under the banner of conservatism and the so-called "war on terror" he was able to exponentialize the national debt while inflation exploded and even triple the size of evey federal institution. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is now being presented as a "champion of the people" ordained by the right-wing intelligentsia to rescue us from Christian idealism, and lead us into a humanist utopia. But when you look closer into his plan it is really impossible to distinguish a difference from the one George Bush implemented throughout his period of eight years as an elite obedient puppet. Barack Obama will be and do the same, only in a different style.

When humans lived in tribes their leaders was one of them and it was known that the leader had the best interest of the tribe in mind and was followed without question. This part of human nature is exploited very easily by professionals who understand very well the way our minds function according to the social, economic and political system in which we live. In politics, when one is presented as "one of us" it is our natural inclination to follow him/her. This is pure psychological manipulation at a basic, primitive and emotional level, while most victims don't even know who Zbigniew Brzezinski is, what he does, and what he stands for; these victims of mental manipulation have never heard of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Brookings Institute, and other organizations that represent only the interest of the elite. They have no conception of the real history of the US with regards to Native Americans, the Middle East and other parts of the world. Most of these zombies were raised on mass media television, Hollywood movies, and the public "education" system. We must admit that they are utterly defenseless and vulnerable; all they know in their ignorance is that when they see and hear Barack Obama on prime time television it makes them feel warm and comfortable, chant slogans, and relish in obtusely vague terms like "yes we can," "change," "hope," and others. With smiles on their faces they are ready to follow this supposed "leader" into whatever direction he takes them.

Where is all going

Allow me to state it once again: Politics are not real. No matter what emotional rhetoric is fed to the masses, the elite's agenda will push forward by any means they may deem necessary. The plan will not skip a beat throught its course as the torch is passed on from Bush to Obama. And you can expect to see it rapidly accelerate. Bush did his job on behalf of the elite by starting a war against the Islam and "legally" removed almost all of our Constitutional rights through an endless wave of liberty crushing legislation, laid the groundwork for the North American Union (NAU) and almost collapsed the world economy.

At this point people's brains have been so heavily saturated with mass media propaganda, the great majority actually believe there are a bunch of blood-thirsty Muslims hiding in the bushes outside their homes ready to kill them. The zombies supporting Obama to become "president," are perfectly in tune with the idea of continuing the criminal war in Iraq, starting another one in Afghanistan, and invading other countries as part of the bankers agenda to control the planet through a one world government. The zombies are part of the problem. Though it could not be done under Bush, the "compulsory universal service" legislation will be passed under Obama as some type of communistic facade calling for "the greater good where everyone would have to pitch in." The well-known hard core Zionist Rahm Emanuel falsely claims that he wants the program to be applied only to those between the ages of 18 to 25, but in reality the plan is a carbon copy of the former Soviet Union program whereby everyone from High School up through middle age, will have to be linked to the military in some capacity. The original bill was introduced to Congress by Trilateral Commission member Charles Rangle, who called for all citizens between 18 to 40 years of age to serve at least two years in the military including women. Some form of this will be necessary in their plans for the new wars that "change" Obama will get us into. The ostensible premise for the wars will alter slightly though it will still be protecting the US, defending Zionist Israel, and speading "freedom" while the mongering fear will be downplayed and there will be more of an attempt to make the conquest efforts seem somehow "humanitarian" in nature. This is part of the "change" Barack Obama promised. You can expect this to be brilliantly marketed in the mass media with heavy reliance on the angle: "Muslims oppress women and homosexuals and we have to save them." This is a very easy sell to the Obama artificial cult created by the elie-controlled mass media. Meanwhile, "free" speech will continue to be eroded which is easy to do under the banner of so-called liberalism; with fancy talk on "hate speech" and "conservative propaganda" they will be able to ram through the fairness doctrine which will subject all publications, radio broadcastings, and Internet websites to content regulation. They will also be able to push through the hate laws Ted Pike has been rattling on about for the last decade, which will make it illegal to talk about Israel committing crimes, and make law the secular-humanist doctrine that Christianity and Islam are "religions of hate." Additionally, the so-called "security and prosperity partnership" will complete its transformation into the North American Union (NAU) under the Obama administration destroying thereby the US as we know it now; illegal immigration from everywhere will continue unabated as we are further "integrated" into the hellish "global village."

These are also part of the "change" promised by Obama. No folks, Obama is not going to tax the rich to feed you. After reading this far, you could do some search on who funded Obama's campaign if you have any doubts on these statements. The reality is: the rich will continue to suck our blood right here in the "home of the brave." The economy may be temporarily propped up for a short period of time to fix the "change" illusion in zombie's minds, but only to fall again to the point where we are going to be standing in very long lines holding ration cards as our only food source.

I can't tell you exactly how all the cataclysms are going to play out but we are dealing with all the same possibilities we have been dealing with for the last eight years and very rapidly approaching crunch time. With a smiling new face of a whole different color watching over us and whispering sweet nothings through the television screen, hell is coming with quickness. There could be another staged "terrorist" attack or a man-made virus released to trigger martial law and/or a big war. Israel could attack Iran and force us to aid our "ally" in a scenario where gas prices would shoot up to seven dollars, causing riots followed by martial law and mass arrests of people to be taken to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) concentration camps. They could also keep playing things slow until the NAU is solidified and then let loose the real chaos. There are a dozen other possibilities and there really isn't any reason to speculate. The elite rulers of the world are holding all the cards in the game and with a public pacified by the smiling face of their new "leader" they are going to make their long waited irreversible move. So hold on tight because it is going to get worse before it gets better. In the end the meek shall inherit the earth and those of us who come through hell are going to make our own future. Be ready and keep in mind that only armed people can make real change.

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Is the "election" of Barack Obama as "president" linked to the "civil rights" hoax of the 1970s?

Author’s Note: Not so long ago, US writer Nancy Levant wrote and published an article at the website entitled "The Devastation of American Women" to which a feedback-letter appearing below was sent. The letter makes a link between the so-called "civil rights" of the 1960s and 1970s in the United States, and the devastation of women by that fallacy. It is hoped that you will enjoy reading the letter to Nancy.

The Devastation of Women Through Mass Media Brainwashing

Dear Nancy:

The decision to write you is the result of my own experience after reading your article "The Cultural Devastation of American Women." I would imagine that each person feels and reacts differently after reading something and that happens, it seems, according to how one may think or understood what was read. In my case, reading your article on such an important subject made me think in depth how this system has degraded women in general to the point of almost destroying them completely, by using the elite-controlled mass media and other forms of mind manipulation, used by the power elite for their own one-world-government plans.

You wrote that "feminism was born during the sexual revolution" which was, in my opinion, the beginning of women's nature devastation in contemporary times. I don't know if you are old enough to be from the 1960s and 1970s generation but I am. I was in my early 20s when the so-called "sexual revolution" became to be known in the ways you have told us readers in your article. At that time, the use of drugs --which were introduced into communities by the FBI and CIA-- became widespread and so was the fallacy known as "civil rights" also introduced via television into the mind of the drugged youth of that generation. The elite-controlled mass media (mainly television) played a leading role following their decision to "integrate" blacks into this social and economic system, and the most prominent feature of the whole hoax was to push for the social-sexual relations between black men and white women. Within the context of the enormous lie created artificially by the mass media, a "burden" was placed on white women and young girls to "get it on" with blacks as part of the "integration" process which started during late summer of 1969 in the United States. I remember this very vividly. Every since and up to present times, the bankers mass media hasn't got tired yet from sending subtle messages pushing for interracial relationships, as a policy intended to distract the minds from focusing on the real problems affecting all people. So once again, the elite gangsters used women as sexual objects and a convenient tool according to plans and interests related to their new-world-order fascist designs now in advanced stages. Considering this fact, the so-called "civil rights movement" was and still is one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of the United States, and there is evidence available to corroborate this assertion. For those who know the truth, it is not a secret that the so-called "civil rights" sham was created and financed by Jews in the power elite structure that own and control the mass media in the United States, in particular, network television. The Jewish even created and funded "civil rights" organisations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909, while using William Edward Burghardt Du Bois as a figurehead to make believe that he was the actual founder. The "civil rights" concept was developed on the basis of a document written by a Zionist Jew whose name was Israel Cohen. The document entitled "A Racial Program for the 20th Century" states in part the following:

"We must realise that our most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the mind and consciousness of the negro race that for many centuries whites have oppressed them, we can mould them to our program. The terms colonialism and imperialism must be included in our propaganda. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the negro minority against whites, we will endeavour to instil in whites a guilty complex for enslaving negros. We will raise the negro to prominence in the world of sports, entertainment and professions; with the high prestige we will create for them, negros will be able to intermarry with whites and thus begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

What did the power elite had to gain by creating and financing the "civil rights" and the "integration" of blacks into the bankers-owned capitalist system? In the 1960s while blacks were still the largest non-white ethnic community in the United States, the Jewish power elite saw them as vital allies for the advancement of their one-world-government agenda. There were those of us who witnessed the development of the so-called "civil rights" and knew correctly that it would only contribute to the destruction of democracy along with the devastation of women, but failed to recognize due to our lack of knowledge and experience, the true source of its hidden power; only few understood that the "civil rights" industry was an outgrowth of the same powers that financed and propelled the Russian revolution, planned and financed the past two world wars, and created Israel at the expense and lives of the Palestinian people. We were too young then to see the evil lurking behind the "civil rights" stupid charade.

Israel Cohen, the Jewish Zionist author of the document "A Racial Program for the 20th Century," begins his writings by stating that "our most powerful weapon is racial tension" and it was racism (supposedly) where "civil rights" had its roots. Some "leaders" of the "civil rights" industry such as the so-called "Doctor Martin Luther King" whose real name was Michael King and who was neither a "Doctor" nor a "Reverend," wielded racism as an effective weapon against whites who felt guilty, including women, as a result of the severe mass media brainwashing. In reality, King was a conscious pawn of the Jewish ruling elite, who fooled whites as well as his people for his own selfish benefit and the interests of the bankers for whom he worked. This is the reason why he is recognised with a national holiday in the US.

In the 1960s we were still rather naive and didn't know much about mind control through network television as we do now. The highly sophisticated subtleness used by the mass media to send messages to the brain resulted in the surrender of white women and young girls to blacks, after they were "told" on television that it would be "racist" if they didn't do it. This powerful sex tool became a very convenient method to achieve psychological manipulation for the advancement of the elite's diabolical fascist plan to establish a one-world-government nowadays in advanced stages. Women were told lies on television and were devastated by having been used as sexual objects for the benefit of the elite, while using black "leaders" willing to please them according to Israel Cohen's blue print for "civil rights." The brain washing also included the degradation and racist segregation of Mexicans and other Native Americans in the Jewish elite mass media. The blacks in general were very pleased with this racist policy.

The black "leaders" of the so-called "civil rights" of the 1960s and 1970s such as the charlatan and sexual degenerate Michael King, knew very well that they were serving the interest of the Jewish power elite in their one-world-government sinister agenda. To those who know the truth, it is not a secret that the whole "civil rights" lie was a ruling class sponsored project that has thrived throughout the past 40 years, having achieved the duping of a whole generation who has become useful idiots while still as sleep. The black "leaders" of the so-called "civil rights movement" not only betrayed their own people but also the whole of society, by allowing themselves to become pawns of the ruling oligarchs in their one-world-government fascist plans. Today, more than four decades later after the "civil rights" hoax, black servants of the elite such as Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and others, have held or hold high positions in government they could have only obtained with the elite's approval, as a reward for the service to their fascist agenda against all Americans and the world.

Some writers have described the role of blacks like Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice as typical "house niggers" who obediently execute the orders given by their white masters.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to read your up coming book.


Can music be hated?

Latin Rock: A Retrospective Review

We know that the movie "La Bamba" was about Latino Rock star of the 1950s "Ritchie Valens" (Ricardo Valenzuela) but what is not realised is the fact that "Ritchie Valens" was only a Latino Rock star crossing over to the main stream at that time with a song in Spanish conforming to the popular styles of American Rock during those years, but he was not the creator per se of a new musical style. La Bamba is an old Mexican folk song with many different versions and "Valen’s" 1950s Rock style version was only one of many. But the purpose of crediting a "crossover" of Latin Rock pioneer during an important historical Latino music period, it was certainly him who became the most famous symbol of Latino Rock style then and beyond.

Santana: The 1960s new musical explosion

In 1965 there was a small group of young men musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area who used to call themselves the Santana Blues Band. This band under the leadership of guitarist Carlos Santana used to play blues songs until the fusion of Latin Percussion with Rock and Blues in which Jose "Chepito" Areas had a vital role, when the band gave birth to what was dubbed by the non-Latin music world as Latin Rock, and the rest is all history. For the very first time in Rock music history the audiences were actually witnessing the use of Latin Percussion instruments mixed with guitar and therefrom the binary of Anglo Rock and the spicy Latino music flavour.

Other Latin Rock groups after Santana

The musical and cultural impact that Santana made with its unique creation also brought artistic awareness to the US Latino Community in general, but particularly to young Latino residents of the Mission District in San Francisco (the City’s Latino district). After Santana had made initial appearances at the Carousel Ballroom, the Fillmore West, Woodstock, and the release of their self-titled debut album, several other Latin Rock groups appeared in different parts of California. Many of those groups became famous while others did not. Among the ones the author knew that did not become famous were: Yaqui, Mestizo, Dakila, Abel, Sabor, and Alma. Those Latin Rock groups are considered to have been less important in the sense that they did not achieved fame as others did, but were musically and culturally important to this type of North American Latin music creation. However, by 1975 none of the famous or non-famous Latin Rock groups were around as a result of the extreme social conditions in which Latinos in general, were in throughout the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and even in the 1990s, as direct result of racism and the "integration" of blacks into the system. The Latin Rock groups that recorded and became famous after Santana were the following:


This super Latin Rock group was lead by Carlos Santana younger brother Jorge Santana who is also a guitarist. Malos’s self-titled album was released during early 1972 featuring a song called "Suavesito" which became very popular on radio and was also number one in musical charts for a while. The song and the group were also very popular in Central America before it was dissolved shortly after the release of their fourth album in 1974.

In 1986, Arcelio Garcia [the singer of Malo] who was an original member of the group recorded an album called "Malo Coast to Coast" in an apparent futile attempt to recreate the original Malo. The recording is of good quality thanks to modern technology but the music lacks the flavour so strongly felt in the Malo albums recorded during the early 1970s. Malo and Jorge Santana are still around and are back in the 2000s.


This Latin-Rock-Salsa original Bay Area group was organised during 1974 by a Chicano-Anglo from El Paso, Texas whose name is Richard Bean. He formed Sapo after the dissolution of Malo with whom he sang the famous song “Suavesito” in the group’s first release recording of 1972. Sapo had an excellent musicianship composition and many saw the group as a replacement for the Malo lost. Among the six-member group was Raul Rekow on Tumbadoras who has been in the Santana rhythm section for many years. Sapo was a very good quality musical group that could have had much growth and sucess, but they came out at a time when the US was beginning to experience the "integration" of negros into the white-dominated racist society, and as a direct result of that, a very subtle but effective lull against everything that was Latin was developed with the mass media, particularly television and movies. The effect of the mass media was so strong that people everywhere did not want to hear Latin music or see Latinos; radio announcers did not play Latin Rock (not even Santana) or any other type of Latin music; night clubs did not booked any Latin bands because they did not see any real business potential as a result of people’s racist indifference and rejection of everything that was Latino. Racism, pure and simple, was the real reason why all of that was happening and it is still like that after 40 years. That is the root of today’s racist attitudes and feelings towards Latinos by most people. The public was brainwashed through subliminal tactics in the mass media so that blacks could be fully "integrated" at the expense of Latinos.


This big band can be best described in musical terms as a Latin-Rock-Funk reflecting the influences and musical formation of the men who conceived and created Azteca: The Escovedo brothers. Thomas "Coke" Escobedo (RIP) and Pete Escovedo formed this eighteen-member band during early 1972, and by September of that same year they had recorded and released their debut self-titled album.

Azteca was a great band indeed saw live by this Writer on more than one occasion in the Bay Area. The musicians were mostly seasoned professionals with solid backgrounds in their own particular fields of specialisation; beginning with the Escovedo brothers, Pete for example, had been an experience musician for many years prior to the time him and his brother "Coke" formed Azteca. The Escovedo brothers had already recorded with Santana and Malo before forming Azteca Other good musicians such as Lenny White (drums), Neal Schon (guitar), Paul Jackson (bass), Jim Vincent (guitar), and Guillermo "Rico" Reyes (vocals with Santana), and Wendy Hass (vocals), formed the partial musical structure of Azteca. The second Azteca album called "Pyramid of the moon" was released in 1973 and it was not much different from the first one. Azteca like most other Latin Rock groups of the late 1960s and early 1970s was dissolved by late 1974 as a result of the same reasons already explained in the preceding section of the group Sapo. There is simply no other honest way to explain the true reason why all those great Latin music groups suddenly disappeared from the music scene of that time. It is truly sad to realise that even music can be hated and segregated simply because it was made by people who were and still are victims of white trash racism and social repression in this "democracy."

El Chicano

While most of the Latin Rock groups of the 1960s and 1970s "disappeared" from the main social artistic scene as a direct result of white trash racism, some individual musicians and groups continued to work in large Latino Communities and in recordings. El Chicano is one of those groups.

This all Mexican-American Latin Rock-Salsa group came from what is probably the biggest Latino Community district within the US: East Los Angeles. Whereas Latin Rock groups that started in San Francisco’s Latin district were made from Latinos of different nationalities, El Chicano was made of all-Chicano members with different musical experiences that produced a very unique sound. El Chicano’s first album released in early 1970 is called "Viva Tirado." This recording is musically distant from the Latin Rock that had been established earlier in that it is mainly an organ that leads the musical arrangement of the band, but what is most significant is the presence of a woman whose name is Ersi Arvizu playing Percussion. The fact that El Chicano had a woman member was in itself a social-political statement considering the social condition of the turbulent 1960s and 1970s in relation to the demands for real equality between the sexes. The lack of women presence in Latin music bands has been a tradition that slowly but steady seems to be moving towards real change. The Latin woman pioneer in breaking the all-male tradition in this area of music is Sheila E. due to the fact that she started her music career at a very early age in her own home.

El Chicano can be considered also to have been a Latin musical group with a social-political message which was at that time something not all groups did. The back cover of the "Viva Tirado" first album contains a full-length political statement related to the Chicano political movement that was taken place throughout the southwestern states at that time. The second album called "El Chicano Revolution" features on the front cover the pictures of two well-known Mexican Revolutionaries: Francisco "Pancho" Villa and Emiliano Zapata. In addition, that album contains a song called "Don’t put me down if I am brown” which tells the listener to look at himself before "putting me down if I am brown..." Such type of songs are not heard in Latin bands of today but back in those days of political radicalism and cultural pride they were considered to be very important and significant statements against white racism.

To the best of knowledge El Chicano is still performing in Los Angeles and in other US areas where there are large Raza Communities. During the 1960s and 1970s El Chicano recorded a total of eight known albums. See:

Jose "Chepito" Areas

No one could have perhaps understood the intrinsic work aspects of Latin Rock the way "Chepito" did if you know that it was him who was largely responsible for the creation of the fusion between Anglo Rock and Latin Percussion first introduced to the world by Santana.

When Carlos Santana adopted a personal life style in relation to his deep involvement with the Sri Chinmoy religious guru leader, his musical styles also changed in a very radical departure from the Santana that had established the Latin Rock sound of earlier years, in which "Chepito" was an original outstanding figure. According to an information source, "Chepito" left the Santana band in view of the change that Carlos Santana had caused and organised his own self-titled Latin Rock band in an honest attempt to continue what Carlos Santana had discontinued as a result of his association with his pal and guru follower John Mc Laughlin, who brainwashed him and introduced him to the Sri Chinmoy with whom he stayed with for fifteen long years.

"Chepito" did an excellent job in his first and last album called "Jose Chepito Areas" released during 1974 on the Columbia label. The group was made of excellent musicians who knew what Latin Rock was all about from playing with groups such as Malo and Santana: Doug Rauch (base), Neil Schon (guitar), Hadley Caliman (Sax in Malo Dos), and other good musicians were members of the Jose "Chepito" Areas Latin Rock band that, unfortunately, did not last very long for reasons that need not be repeated if you have read the section on the group Sapo.


This Latin-Rock-Disco type of band is similar to the El Chicano in that its members are all Chicanos and were also able to endure and survive the severe social segregation Latin music in general suffered beginning in the late 1960s, when the "integration" of blacks started. Members of El Chicano appeared in album jackets of Tierra, which indicated a relation between musicians from both groups. Tierra like most other groups playing this type of music have been in existence for more than twenty-five years. The group started as a Latin Rock band in the early 1970s but as the concept of Disco developed throughout the decade their music was adjusted to the times, and this is the reason for their Disco type of sound in recordings.

The Rock but not Latin Rock of the 1970s and 1980s

It is safe to speak or write of "Latin Rock" during the preceding decades as Rock by ethnically Raza musicians but not Latin Rock musically as Santana made it in the 1960s.

It is also safe to state that practically Latin Rock as it was conceived and created by Santana during the 1960s lasted only three short years. The release of the Caravanserai album in November of 1972 marked the beginning of the end of Latin Rock by its creator. If it had not been for the other Latin Rock groups that mushroomed almost everywhere right after Carlos Santana went astray into the Sri Chinmoy’s mental domination, this music would have had been dead immediately after the release of the Caravaserai album. What prevented other Latin Rock groups from continuing on in their own ways and styles what Santana had abandoned was completely beyond their artistic control: A racist society. If groups such as Malo, Sapo, El Chicano, Azteca, and others had been given real equal opportunity as artists who simply happened to be Raza, that music would be with us today but that was not the case as we know now after more than one generation. Latin Rock and all other forms of Latin music was not heard anywhere in public by 1975 and the general feeling was that no future could be expected in playing any style of Latin music.

The total "disappearance" of the original Latin Rock first created by Santana left a musical vacuum that was subsequently filled by Raza in music at that time but within the dominant music force of the day: Disco and Anglo Rock. It was in these areas of music where the younger generation of Raza musicians started working but confined to the general music expectations of the day; music with any trace of what could be defined as "Latin" was simply rejected as worthless music. One can imagine that Raza in music at that time probably did not even think of attempting to mix Latin rhythms with anything, so the only area where to play "Latin music" was by being ethnically Raza playing Rock or whatever, but not musically Latin. As a result of this stupidity, the Rock that Raza played was only Rock, but not Latin Rock.

Musicians with Spanish surnames appeared on album covers of Rock groups; Rock bands with Spanish names recorded and released albums but their music did not have anything to do with Latin music at all. This trend continued up to present times and the result is recordings by groups made up of Raza musicians, but their music does not reflect anything related to Latin music in anyway. "We don’t even like Latin music" said Froilan Sosa, a Dominican who grew up in Florida and was the lead vocal of the Miami-based Rock group called "Nuclear Valdez." Sosa was in his early twenties at the time this article was written. "We grew up listening to Fleetwood Mack and the Rolling Stones" he said also during an interview after he was thought to be a total outcast within the Latin Community of Florida. The band claims their music to be "real rock-and-roll from the streets of Miami" and their debut album is called "I am I" on the Epic label.

Important single Latin artists or groups that are projective of the music criticised in this article include the following:


This is another Rock band by Raza musicians but not of Latin Rock originally from the southwest. Cruzados is a modern all-Chicano 1980s style Rock band that does not sound Latin at all but they use a Spanish name for the band. Cruzados is a good example of how Latinos that grew up in the past generation were forced in subtle ways through the mass media to shun their own Raza culture in favour of the dominant "mainstream" sub-culture that affected all aspects Raza people’s life including music. Raza culture in general has been traditionally segregated throughout generations but the last one was worse of all in contemporary times. The young Raza men and women that grew up during the last generation were exposed only to Anglo Rock, funk, and other types of music unrelated to Latin music and culture.

Sheila Escovedo

This is another past generation Raza musicians whose music reflects the influence of funk and of other types of music unrelated to Latin music. Sheila E., as she is known, is a Chicana from Oakland, California and the daughter of Percussionist Pete Escovedo. She was or still is associated with Prince who was or still is the source of great personal influence and music career. The music of Sheila E. shows a great taste of techno-funk that clearly connects with Prince’s musical styles.


There are other Raza musicians and groups that play non-Latin music nowadays that could be mentioned here, but after you have read this far into this article, you get the idea on the reasons why many Raza musicians play Rock but not Latin Rock, as a direct result of what has been going on in society for the past generation. Those of us who helped in one way or another to popularised what was once real Latin Rock style wish for the return of this originally North American Raza musical creation and expression so abruptly terminated by the same who gave it to the world: Santana.

The hidden truth of US history

The United States Southwest: A bandit's loot by means of theft and murder

Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821 after ending years of continual war against colonial imposition and crimes by the Spanish invaders. The war against Spain had left Mexico drained out which contributed to neglect its Northern territories known today as the United States "southwest." The original name of that land is Aztlan and Chicano descendants from the original inhabitants still use that name today.

While Mexico was at war with Spain, a large number of white colonists, cattleman, adventures, and mercenaries, were coming from other parts of North America that had been already invaded and occupied looking for land and gold they could find and obtain "by any means." These mercenaries fixed their eyes and interest in what is today "Texas," placed themselves in land plots, and later enlarged their population so that by 1835, there were more white foreigners than native Mexicans in the area. In 1836 the white foreigners occupied most of the territory by force, declared "independence" and called the stolen lands "republic of Texas." This bandit's act caused the war between Mexico and the Unites States for the first time until its end when the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed between the two countries on February 2, 1848. Mexico lost the land the whites called "Texas" but subsequently the rest of the Northern territories which eventually became part of the whole mass land known today as the "southwest."

The territories lost by Mexico are bigger than Germany and France combined and is considered to be among the riches in the world where an abundance of gold was found after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. The native Mexicans were forced to become US citizens or leave the area one year after the Treaty was signed. As a result of the invader's laws, thousands of native Mexicans left but the great majority stayed and was forced to become citizens. Throughout the development of the so-called "republic of Texas" the war against Mexicans was made of grave crimes. The well-known philosopher and historian Jose Vasconcelos wrote that one reason whites perpetrated horrible crimes against Mexicans, was because they believed in the concept known as "manifest destiny" which in practice meant to "kill all the Mexicans and take Mexico."

History has registered thousands of grotesque crimes against Mexicans in that part of the Native American Continent, but more outstanding for having similarities with the grave crimes by whites in Central and South America, are those related to the taken of men by force of arms out of their homes to be murdered, then the white killers would back to the homes and rape women and little girls, murder them, set the homes on fire, and kill all the animals. The historian Jose Vasconcelos also wrote that Mexicans used to refer to whites who committed the crimes as "drunken bandits, fornicators, devils vomited from hell, and monsters who defy the laws of nature; they are white men with dirty beards, ignorant, shameless, stinking, with their hats thrown towards the back, thirsty for the wish of stealing our lands and wealth, and for raping our beautiful young ladies." That reference is still valid today.

Sociologist Stan Steiner wrote a book entitled La Raza de Bronze in which he states that "the massacres throughout the 'Texas' border was truly incredible, as most whites had turned into cold blooded killers totally degenerate spreading terror all along the territory killing people only because they were Mexicans, calling them 'stupid greasers' before murdering them." The author also wrote in his book about a season called "Mexican hunting" in which the biggest and most incredible crimes were committed against Mexicans by white men, while no punishment was imposed on the killers for their crimes since a judge or jury would dare to condemn whites for murdering Mexicans. "In reading reports by authorities it feels as if there was indeed a season for real hunting along the border in those days," wrote the author.

According to other historians who specialize in "southwest" history, the violence against Mexicans had reached such crisis and proportions that the Secretary of State forced the Governor of the area to take severe measurements in order to protect local Mexicans from white violence in "Texas" and in other parts of the "southwest." It was generally known but not "officially" admitted that racism was embedded in the violence against Mexicans and as a result, Mexico refused to become a member of the League of Nations arguing that the written agreements did not provided with guarantees on racial equality between whites and Mexicans. The documents were declared to be racist. In an attempt to explain the criminal behaviour of whites against Mexicans, a Journalist named Manuel Ugarte wrote in the El Heraldo newspaper during May of 1900 the following:

"The irreconcilable opposition between the white and Mexican Communities is presented very vividly and obvious in the hard and indifferent white character; they are falsely arrogant, defy nature, seek to impose the mark of competition, individualism, and blind selfish ambition to possess; like Romans in times of triumph, they want to have as personal servants Chinese, Mexicans or Negroes to pick up the left over's from their banquets as payment for the work of sub-alternates." It is interesting to note that even though all of that relates to past history, nothing seems to have changed fundamentally if we look at the reality of Native America in general and the attitudes and actions of whites towards us. One historical fact related to the present political, social, and economic reality of Native American Raza en general, is that which Sociologist Frank Olmstead points out very accurately in his book entitled The Destiny of a Continent. In that book the author wrote about the great tragedy suffered by Mexicans during history and what could happen if an attempt was made to establish mutual harmony between whites and Mexicans. He wrote the following eloquent explanation of a reality:

"Between whites and Mexicans there is now and always will be an inevitable antagonism based purely on racial bias on the part of whites that will prevent any healthy human relations of personal character if both would seek to join. The vulgar white mix of hypocritical puritanism and bandolerism that distinguish their majority, does not adopt so that the two can associate in real harmony. The majority of white's think of Mexicans (Raza) and other Native Americans as being stupid, ignorant, effervescing, lazy, fanatics, greasers, and full of stupid passion for love. The whites also think of Mexicans and other Native Americans as idolatrous, manipulated by priests, and racially do not see or think of them as white. Consequently, as a result of the white’s state of mind, they treat Mexicans and other Native Americans with disrespect, insolence, and when they can, with injustice."

This description of the white mentality towards Mexicans and other Native Americans is not necessarily applicable only to the past. That sick mentality is still prevailing nowadays and is the root of most social problems imposed on all Natives Americans, regardless of nationality. Based on the white's problem related to their state of mind and attitudes towards La Raza/Native Americans in general, the social formation to which our people were subjected through crimes before and after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, is clearly the root of present day racism and other social ills affecting all of us, regardless of what part of the Native American Continent we were born.

The history in that part of the Native American Continent when in 1848 the North of Mexico became the "southwest" of the US gave an accumulation of racial, sentimental, political, and ideological elements that now form well-defined characteristics that should be manifested through transcending acts on behalf of the history of not only Mexico, but of Native America in general. The historical duty of all Native Americans (La Raza) is to recover the land stolen from us by whites through murder and theft for the purpose of creating and keeping this capitalist system at our expense.